Addtional Services

Lead Waterline Replacement

You may have been made aware that your home has a lead waterline or a lead water service. Brookdale Construction have the experience and skills needed to remedy this dangerous situation. A lead waterline is a serious and potentially dangerous matter and should be addressed right away. We will locate the problematic waterline and replace with a safe material so you don’t have to worry about cooking, drinking and bathing with unsafe water.

If you are uncertain whether you have a lead waterline service, call us immediately and we will book a free inspection.


Brookdale Construction routinely provides excavating services to homeowners and professionals in the Windsor/Essex area. Whether it be sewer repairs or replacements, underground utilities such as gas, water, hydro, cable or others, we can dig the trench safely and efficiently.

Storm and Sanitary Sewers

Lead is a softer material than copper, therefore even minor contact with a lead water pipe can cause serious damage. In addition to being an inferior and outdated toxic material, any contact with lead is dangerous and should be avoided.

Brookdale Construction is recognized as a leader in sewer repair and replacement. We will inspect your storm or sanitary sewer and fix or replace it depending on the level of damage. Often times, because of our experience, we can perform the repairs at a fraction of the price charged by other companies. We also install clean outs, outdoor backwater valves, catch basins, ditching, ditch fill-ins, culvert repairs, rear yard drains, dry wells and more.

Flood Cleanup

We are able to provide emergency flood cleanup and reconstruction services.

Certified Mould and Asbestos Remediation

Brookdale Construction is certified to provide mould and asbestos remediation.